Lynda Williams, Certified Professional Life Coach  Therapeutic Massage Therapist/CranioSacral Therapist, Ridgefield Wellness Center  former CEO, Staffing Advantage Inc., White Plains, NY

Lynda Williams, Certified Professional Life Coach

Therapeutic Massage Therapist/CranioSacral Therapist, Ridgefield Wellness Center

former CEO, Staffing Advantage Inc., White Plains, NY

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Lynda Williams, Wellness and Life Coach Receives 2018 Best of Ridgefield Award

Ridgefield Award Program Honors the Achievement

RIDGEFIELD October 25, 2018 -- Lynda Williams, Wellness and Life Coach has been selected for the 2018 Best of Ridgefield Award in the Life Coach category by the Ridgefield Award Program.

Hi, I’m Lynda. Everything I do as a Life Coach is devoted to one single purpose…to inspire you to do what inspires you! As your Life Coach, I will commit myself to that process with you in order to help you discover your ‘why’, your ‘purpose”. When we are the best versions of ourselves and living our purpose, we bring out the best in those around us. I love having a positive impact by helping you to improve your own life, and knowing that I can inspire you to be your best most authentic self.

Lynda Williams, Transformational Life Coach

Business Owner. Healer. Life Coach.

Today, my Coaching practice is a natural evolution of my own journey, both professionally and personally.  Throughout my many ups and downs, I have learned that every situation and challenge in life offers up possible lessons about such things as courage, leadership, tenacity, forgiveness, overcoming fear and flexibility.  My 30 years of professional work experience as CEO of a Corporate Staffing Firm and later as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist with a thriving private practice and Wellness Center in Ridgefield, Ct., have prepared me for my next career path as a Life Coach.

My Story...

From 1992 to 2001, I was the founder and President of a full-service staffing firm located in White Plains, New York. I employed 70+ people, and together we successfully serviced the staffing needs of the area's Fortune 500 companies. In September 2001 after the tragedy of 9/11, like so many others, I assessed my personal life and career and was compelled to make significant changes. At that time, the overwhelming 'knowing' that I was going to be transforming every aspect of my life was palpable. Although I loved my career, it no longer ‘fed my soul’ and although I was married, my relationship was not thriving and it wasn’t in alignment with my values.

Gaining Clarity and Embracing Change

It was at this intersection in my life that I decided to make big changes and to align my values with my next set of choices so that I could more consciously ‘live my life on purpose’.  In my professional life, I made the decision to take my personal passion for holistic healing and bodywork and my strong connection to healthy living, and turn it into a career as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist. I also made the difficult decision to end my marriage and begin the challenging journey towards a positive co-parenting relationship with my ex-spouse.

In September 2001, as a newly single mother with three children, I returned to school in the evenings and attended Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy while running my Staffing Firm during the day. After graduating from massage school, I made the decision to close down my company. After careful planning and multiple challenges, I opened a Wellness Center in downtown Ridgefield, Ct.  For the last 16 years, I have helped clients who not only want to heal the pain in their bodies, but who have often expressed a need for emotional and energetic healing as well.

In 2014, after my youngest headed off to college, the seed of an idea began to form. I made the decision to utilize my corporate recruiting/career counseling and entrepreneurial experience with my knowledge of health and wellness and combine them into a new career path as a Life Purpose and Career Coach. In June of 2014, I once again returned to school and attended World Coach Institute where I earned my certification as a Certified Professional Life Coach. By making this change, I not only am able to help clients transform their own lives but it allows me to work from anywhere in the world, spend more time with my family and do the things that I love! It will be my privilege to partner with you on your journey and to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

I look forward to partnering with you!

Lynda Williams, Transformational Life and Career Coach