Lynda Williams, Certified Professional Life and Career Coach    former CEO, Staffing Advantage    Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Ridgefield Wellness Center    

Lynda Williams, Certified Professional Life and Career Coach

former CEO, Staffing Advantage

Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Ridgefield Wellness Center


Business Owner. Healer. Life Coach.

My Story...

Hi, I'm Lynda, a spiritually grounded Life and Career Coach who believes that if you create balance and awareness in your life, you can experience more joy and happiness in all that you choose to do and be. Today, my Life Coaching practice is a natural evolution of my own life journey…both professionally and personally.  With its many ups and downs...each career change decision and life relationship has offered up lessons for me to learn about courage, leadership, tenacity, forgiveness, letting go, flexibility, love, grief, and how to navigate life's ever changing landscape. There's a greater purpose to life's challenges and it is my passion to help clients view these challenges as gifts to discovering their true inner strengths. In my life, discovering my true passions and inner most strengths have allowed me to let go of what doesn't serve me and to remain steadfast in the face of fear and doubt until I reach a particular goal or dream. My 29 years of professional experience as President of a Corporate Staffing Firm and later as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist with a thriving  private practice in Ridgefield, Ct. have given me tremendous satisfaction.

From 1992 to 2001, I was the founder and President of a full-service staffing firm located in White Plains, New York. I employed 70 people, and together we successfully serviced the staffing needs of the area's Fortune 500 companies. In September 2001 after the tragedy of 9/11, like so many others, I assessed my personal life and career and was compelled to make significant changes. At that time, the overwhelming 'knowing' that I was going to be transforming every aspect of my life was palpable. Although I loved my career, it no longer ‘fed my soul’ and although I was married, my relationship was not thriving and well.

Gaining Clarity and Embracing Change...

It was at this intersection in my life that I decided to make big changes and to ‘live my life on purpose’.  In my professional life I chose to take my personal passion for holistic healing and bodywork, and my strong connection to healthy living and turn it into a career. I also made the difficult decision to end my marriage and begin the long and difficult journey towards a positive co parenting relationship with my ex spouse.

In September 2001, as a newly single mother with three children,  I returned to school to train in Therapeutic Massage Therapy. While running my staffing firm during the day,  I attended Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy full-time during evenings and weekends. I graduated in 2003 with my certification as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist and soon after I opened a Wellness Center in downtown Ridgefield, Ct.  During the last 14 years, I have had the pleasure of serving clients in my community who not only want to heal the pain in their bodies, but who have often expressed a need for emotional healing as well.  While working with many regular massage clients over the years, I felt naturally compelled to help them in other areas of their lives such as career changes, divorce, parenting issues, finding one’s passion etc. all the while sharing my personal stories to illustrate my own struggles and successes.

In time, the seed of an idea…that my next career would be as a Life and Career Coach, began to take shape. In June of 2014 I returned to school once again and attended World Coach Institute where I earned my certification as a Certified Professional Life Coach.  Today, I take all of my own personal and professional experience and hard earned wisdom about how ‘living my purpose’ is one of the happiest ways to navigate life and I humbly share it with my coaching clients.  It is my honor and privilege to be able to help clients through their life's challenges by maintaining a neutral and supportive space so that they may find their life purpose, peace and lasting happiness.

Many Blessings,

Lynda Williams

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.
— Lao Tzu