Coaching Is A Process That Enables You To Get From Where You Are Now To Where You Want To Be

Do you want to move through a major life transition positively and productively? 

Do you want to Land that dream job and achieve career success, loving what you do?

Do you want to become more clear about your life purpose then take action? 

Perhaps you want to experience increased happiness or work-life balance?

The process of coaching offers support and strategies to break down tasks that seem overwhelming into ones that will bring you success. Coaching also creates a relationship of accountability where you do not feel alone as you are working toward your goal. My coaching practice is informed by the knowledge and research from the field of Positive Psychology and Co-Active Coaching.

My Coaching Style

Authentic And Honest 

I’m known for being a straight-shooter, problem solver and metaphor maniac. At my core, I am passionate about helping others live their greatest dreams. I work best in a positive and free thinking environment and provide that to you during our coaching relationship through support, inspiration, and motivation.

Co-Active coach partner

In my coaching practice, I take a co-active approach when working with clients. In a coaching relationship with me, our alliance is centered on clarifying and meeting your goals and moving you closer to achieving them. Together we discover new altitudes for growth and purpose. You are the leader of your life and I’m here to make sure you reach your potential and truest purpose.

Effective Communicator

Drawing on my strengths of leadership, focus, tenacity, positive and strategic thinking, and a strong ability to intuitively understand and resolve problems, I bring these to the table during our coaching sessions. I pride myself on having a 'can do' attitude which I use to help clients with strategies that support their way of thinking, learning and doing.

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Lynda Williams, LMT, CST, CPLC