"Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit."

EE Cummings


Are You Undergoing a Major Life Transition? 

Significant life events including a career change, divorce, illness, job loss, re-entering the workforce, retirement, or simply a personal revelation resulting in the desire to reinvent oneself, can leave us asking "now what?"

Find Focus. Identify Goals. Stay Motivated.

Wherever you stand in life, you can learn to overcome your business and personal challenges by better understanding how to commit to living your life 'on purpose.' Working together, I'll help you to set and attain new goals, regain balance, and become unstuck and more clear about the way forward in your life. Whether you're seeking to take on a new career challenge, move positively and productively through a major life transition, or develop new skills and more useful habits, together we'll work to crystallize a clear vision of your passion and life's purpose. My clients take leaps, develop powerful skills, step into courage, become more resilient, experience greater success, live on purpose and honor their core values. Today is the day you can transform the life you now have, into the life you now choose.

  • Uncover and understand how to eliminate the obstacles that hold you back from living the life of your dreams.
  • Create a life aligned with your authentic self and true purpose.
  • Connect with your strengths and learn how to apply them in your work and life relationships.
  • Learn to expand your understanding of reality and see a greater vision for your life.
  • Understand how living 'on purpose' is a function of understanding what your goals truly mean to you.
  • Identify the life goals that matter most to you along with the skills necessary to move toward reaching them.

to learn more about my signature 90 Day "Renew You, Love Your Life!" coaching program and for a complimentary, confidential 30 minute strategy session

please call Lynda williams at 203-438-7594  

Sessions are conducted by phone or via skype


the path to change

Lynda coaches her clients on how to find clarity around their passion and purpose and then helps them stay on track with their monthly, weekly, daily and long range goals.


Take Action

As your Life Coach, Lynda is an impartial and integral member of your support network serving as a sounding board for what does, and does not, serve your life and work.