“You needn’t have all the information, nor the financial resources, or the perfect conditions to create a purposeful life. What is required is a commitment to take small strides forward, knowing the path will reveal itself as long as you uphold a purposeful intent.”

Lynda Williams, Transformational Life and Career Coach

What Does a ‘Life on Purpose’ Look and Feel Like?

  • You no longer have that nagging feeling that a big piece is missing in your life.

  • You have gone from being stuck to knowing that you are on a meaningful path that gives you true fulfillment.

  • You stopped doubting yourself. You feel confident and good about your choices.

  • Uncertainty, insecurity and worry are old patterns. You feel purposeful and know that the world needs you to be your best.

  • You are patient with yourself and your family because you are OK being certain with the uncertain.

  • You've stopped looking for approval from those around you. You have found your voice, courage and confidence.

  • You stopped playing small and feel vibrant and alive. You have tapped into the knowing that you have so much to give.

  • You have become fearless. Your fears are now your best friends and they always point you toward the next step.

  • Change is no longer a fear. You have seen that change is what allows you to create a lifestyle that you love.

  • You stopped struggling. You live your life passionately both personally and professionally.

  • You have come to know that happiness is not only your right, but part of your life's purpose.

I would leap at the opportunity to work with Lynda again (and plan to!) In my work with her in early to mid 2019, Lynda was always kind, generous and insightful. I found myself to be much clearer and more focused after conversations with her about my goals. Her highly personal approach to coaching made me feel heard, understood and motivated me tremendously. I recommend working with Lynda for any kind of life/career coaching needed.
Elizabeth M., Ridgefield, Ct.

the path to change

Lynda Williams coaches her clients on how to find clarity around their passion and purpose and then helps them stay on track with their monthly, weekly, daily and long range goals.


Take Action

As your Coach, Lynda Williams will become an impartial and integral member of your support network serving as a sounding board for what does and does not serve your life and work.  

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