What Clients Are Saying…

‘Lynda Williams studied at World Coach Institute, at which I served as one of her Instructors. I found her to be skillful and innately sensitive in her ability to Coach both within her niche and outside of it. She is a very competent Coach who possesses the most important characteristics: skill/mastery over core competencies as recognized by the I.C.F., intelligence, an above average intuition, and a genuine caring. I feel confident her future clients will be well served by entering into a professional coaching relationship with Coach Lynda.’  Tom Mueller, CMC, CHT, Destin, Florida


‘Lynda’s outstanding characteristic as a coach is her welcoming, insightful and non-judgmental spirit.  She loves freedom and her own journey to greater freedom has helped me think in new ways and move forward in new ways.  I’m really grateful for some new perspective from which to make decisions that Lynda helped me get to.  I highly recommend her as a life coach or personal coach for anyone wanting to grow and see their lives from a different perspective. She will help you get there!’                                                           

Lynn H., Nashville, Tennessee


‘It was a pleasure to be coached by someone of Coach Lynda'a experience and compassion.  She made it easy to discuss what were painful and sensitive topics for me.  Her insights and kindly guidance were very helpful to me and I can recommend her without reservation.’

Bright Blessings, Qumran Taj, New York   


‘Lynda Williams is a wholehearted coach. She has been skillful at providing support and guidance to me. She truly helped me feel relaxed, capable and inspired to take some important steps in my life. She has been committed to helping me achieve my goals and I could not ask for more in a coach.  She is also just a delight to work with, too and made this a joyful and thought provoking experience.  I highly recommend her as a coach. Thank you, Coach Lynda!’                                                        

Toni Genovese, New Jersey


‘I found Lynda Williams to be an insightful, skilled Life Coach. Her warm, engaging personality helped me feel at ease from the outset and made being coached by her, not only a very productive experience but a pleasant and enlightening one as well. After our first session, I left with the feeling that I had gotten much more from the coaching experience than I had expected.  Thanks again Coach Lynda!’   

Johnny Shepard, Idaho


‘Lynda Williams is a transformational coach. She is a beautiful warrior. She is wise and gentle, strong and caring. She coaches with love and support! I recommend her and am happy to speak with anyone about her. Thank you Lynda!’

Gale O'Brien, New Mexico